About Project

Meticulously Designed Using The Latest BIM Technology

While an office building is designed for comfort and efficiency, Summit knows that laboratory space has to actually perform. By utilizing Building Information Modeling we have insured that when it comes time to certify your space, the systems will perform as expected. Designed to meet Bio Safety Level 2 requirements, the core and shell build out incorporates the infrastructure for lab tenants gracefully within a system of vertical chases and plenums. This means that we have prepared a highly funtional, highly adaptable canvas cable of meeting a vast array of probable requirements

The Right Team

Summit Development Group has assembled a team of consultants and professionals all with a deep experience in the technical systems of laboratory facilities.

Depth of Experience

Summit Development Group’s team includes active members of the bio-science community, construction industry professionals with a combined three million square-feet of built-out commercial space, and former building department officials. This unique team has been customized to build this specialized product.